Plant Systems

MIZUHO’s Strength


From design and installation to maintenance management, MIZUHO proposes systems from an overall viewpoint – systems that “do not become obsolete”

Plants are the hearts of manufacturing. Design and installation of plants absolutely require a proposal based on an overall viewpoint including environmental challenges and future aspects, in addition to customer requirements.
MIZUHO fully utilizes its unique know-how in freezing, air conditioning, electrical, conveyance and other segments in selecting and combining advanced products that are optimal to customer requirements and that do not become obsolete. MIZUHO proposes the best systems for its customers based on its comprehensive technological capability ranging from design to installation and maintenance of plant equipment and facilities mainly in foodstuff and mechanical fields.

Personnel strengths at MIZUHO: 19 persons in sales, 24 persons in design, integration and engineering, 8 persons in servicing and 5 persons in system integration.

Solutions proposed for the following business segments