Environmental Activities

MIZUHO has acquired certification under ISO 14001 (2015 Version), an international standard for environmental management systems.

Environmental Activities

Recognizing that the Earth’s environmental problems are a critical challenge commonly facing human beings and considering that it is a common mission of industrial companies to be of service to environmental conservation, MIZUHO has created an environmental management system based on its environmental policy and has acquired the necessary certification.

Aiming at achieving harmony with the environment, MIZUHO will continue its maximum effort in conserving the Earth environment. MIZUHO solicits the understanding and support of its stakeholders on its environmental activities.

  • Certificate No.: JQA-EM4108
  • Registered organization: All business locations of Mizuho Co., Inc.
  • Registration date: July 2, 2004
  • Examination organization: Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)

Environmental policies

Basic principle

As a technical trading firm that sells industrial equipment, electronic devices, and information systems , and provides plant solutions , and based on our company philosophy of “Have respect for Innovation, Diligence, Dedication and Trust” and our company motto of “Growing together, advancing our business, enjoying our work…” we recognize that the conservation of the Earth’s environment is a critical issue for all humanity, and will contribute to our local communities by striving to prevent pollution through activities where we can get involved, to provide products and services that are environmentally-friendly, and to maintain and improve our environment.

Basic policies

  1. To comply with environmental laws and regulations, as well as other requirements, involving business activities of the Company .
  2. To be constantly aware of the environmental aspects of our business activities and strive to prevent pollution.
  3. To construct an Environmental Management System to achieve to accomplish our environmental policies, set objectives and goals, and to periodically review them to maintain their effectiveness.
    1. To actively promote proposal-based sales and marketing that provides eco-friendly products and environmental information.
    2. To control harmful environmental impacts generated as a result of our business activities.
    3. To control the consumption of electricity and other utilities by the Company and work to save energy.
    4. To ensure all employees thoroughly implement our environmental policies, work to improve their awareness, and make them activities they all take part in.
  4. To work on communication with our trading partners to accomplish our environmental policies.
  5. The environmental policies of the Company will be notified to employees and disclosed through our website and other places.
April 1, 2021
Mizuho Co., Inc.
Toru Shimizu
Representative Director and President