Message from President


The financial and natural environments that our company operates in are changing day by day. The technological revolution, from being a low-carbon to becoming a non-carbon producing society, is gaining pace, and both society’s and our customers’ needs are becoming more diverse and complex.
We are a technology trading company marketing industrial equipment products, electronic device equipment, and data system products, and providing solutions for industrial plants. Furthermore, we have a global overseas support system centered on China and South-East Asia, and deal with customers’ many and diverse needs by offering them high-value-added products and systems.
From here on out, we will keep working together with our customers to create optimum systems, drawing on the expertise we have built up since our founding, and with our sights set on achieving a non-carbon-producing society. And as a technology trading company providing ongoing and ever greater value-added services, we aim to be a company that can contribute to society, and will continue to achieve an ever higher level of business endeavor.
We look forward to your continued and much valued support.

Toru Shimizu
Representative Director and President
Mizuho Co., Inc.


Corporate Philosophy